Signs of the cold winter season linger as the spring season comes into full bloom. The last hints of snow and decay are drying up and reforming to make way for a more optimistic landscape.

Along with the warmer temperatures and more vibrant landscapes, the clouds open up and rain helps rejuvenate the natural growth cycle of plants and vegetation for a bountiful year. The sun shines a little brighter than it has during this time of year, as poinsettias and pansies begin to flower and the bees pollinate long-stemmed plants.

The month of April marks the first full month of Spring, a time when the natural landscape cycles from a time of dreariness to one of revitalization. The natural changes seen at the start of spring present a perfect parallel to your personal growth. Whether you are currently on track to continue changing your lifestyle through a new year’s worth of positive habits and new routines or you are hoping to find the inspiration and motivation to create the path to a better lifestyle, consider the start of spring to be the ideal time to feel confident in your ability to be a better person.

It seems like only a week ago News Years Resolutions were being made. Now, over three months later, you can honestly assess how well you’ve stuck to your diet, exercise routine and other benchmarks set for yourself.

Have you been exercising regularly? Are you steering clear of the sugary snacks that have long plagued your diet? Can you honestly say you’ve been sticking to the agreements you made with yourself to create positive habits and lead a healthier lifestyle?

If not, then why? It may be that your goals were unreasonable. Goal-setting is tricky. It is tough to assess the type of goals you are capable of achieving and those you are simply not ready for. Start with a series of small, simple goals that you easily implement into your lifestyle and move on from there. Not only will these new goals instill confidence in your ability to accomplish what you set out to do, they will also build the foundation for hitting those bigger benchmarks you strive for in the long-run.

Your inability to adapt into your the lifestyle you sought to start the year may have to do with your vision for the future. There is a difference between saying you want to lose weight or look slimmer and committing to it. It has everything to do with the reason why you are making these changes to your lifestyle. With a strong “why,” creating new habits becomes easy.

If you have stuck to your plan and are noticing the positive results in your attitude and mindset, then kudos to you! There is no exact number of days it takes for a new behavior to successfully become a good habit. The consensus among scientists and health professionals is that the three-month period is plenty of time to say comfortably that your new routines are sticky.

Make sure to reward yourself for hitting your goals through the first quarter of the year. It’s healthy to acknowledge your positive achievement and important to your personal growth, even if it’s only the beginning of your journey.

There is no better time of the year to embrace your belief in a better lifestyle than now. As you transition into a healthier, more fulfilling way of living, so too are your natural companions with the sounds of spring become abuzz with new life.

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