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What is Caterpilly?

Caterpilly is a science-based text messaging behavior fitness program designed to help you create long lasting healthy habits to achieve your goals for a happier and healthier life!

Why is it helpful?

You may be like millions of people who try time and time again to pursue a goal but fall short of achieving success. Whether you want to improve your health, decrease stress, or just beat procrastination you can lose sight of your goal and your resolve can weaken. It’s no wonder that despite best intentions and best efforts only a minority of people are able to replace bad habits for good ones. This is not because of a lack of willpower or a character flaw!

Most people fail because they are unaware that behavioral change and new habit formation is a predictable and controllable process.

caterpilly text message
caterpilly text message

Why does it work?

Our behavior fitness program is based on human psychology, behavioral science and neuroscience to maximize the opportunity to create meaningful and long lasting healthy habits.

The unique intensive effective text messaging programs are specifically designed to promote the essential components for behavioral change: goal setting, focused awareness, repetition, and self-evaluation.

Why use text-messaging?

Emerging scientific evidence is revealing that mobile devices are uniquely positioned in our lives to be an important tool for health promotion, disease prevention, and behavioral intervention.

Yes! Your cell phone can help you be healthier and happier!!

caterpilly text message

How does the program work? Your daily behaviors create your future. Receive 3 Unique and Different Messages a Day

Step 1


When you become a member you will be asked to record your Long Term Goal and why it's important to you. This will become the title of your member page. Each morning you will receive your first text to be reminded of your long term goal. You will then be asked to set your specific Short Term Goal for the day.

Step 1


Mid-day you will receive your second text to see how things are going. This is a time to evaluate and adjust your goal for the day to make it as successful as possible.

Step 1


This is the fun part! Early evening you will receive your third text of the day asking if you met your Short Term Goal for the day. Your response of “yes” or “no” will be recorded on your member page so that you can follow your progress. We’ll also respond back with a message!

Step 1

Have Fun

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When you have achieved your long term goal you can set a new one on your membership page to keep the momentum of living the life you’ve dreamed of!